Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Child/life update

I like to blog about memories, but also want to have memories of the present. So here is what's going on with us at this stage in our life.
I'm 30 weeks pregnant with an unnamed baby girl. So far, I'd say this pregnancy has been easier in some ways, harder in others. I haven't gained AS much weight(yet), and I didn't get the horrible acne as I did with Hayes. However, the first trimester was a lot harder. Was sick all day, and barfed sometimes 5 times a day..if I had any food I could choke down. Being nauseated with a toddler makes it more difficult too. Also had a 28 day sinus infection that was one of the worst/longest viruses I can remember? Couldn't breathe, and therefore couldn't sleep. Thank God it's gone away for the most part. I thank I owe it to the shots of apple cider vinegar I took! I now have pretty bad tooth pain, and I can see either a crack or decay/cavity on the tooth that hurts. Go in next week to hopefully get some relief. I'm pretty much complaining here, but I'm actually a lot more comfortable on my feet this pregnancy. Feel lighter and and am sleeping more comfortably.
Hayes will be 16 months tomorrow. He's been throwing his share of tantrums, but also turning a LITTLE more cuddly and sweet. Yesterday he went up to Uncle Adam and gave him a kiss and said 'hi'. He's never given a kiss before, moreless on his own! It was super sweet. He developed a rash this last week which the dermatologist at Childrens Mercy does not know what it is? Treating it symptomatically and it seems to be getting better. He also wants to eat sweets and cookies all day long, just like his pregnant momma...who happened to have chocolate chip cookies for breakfast today :/
C.J. is super busy with work, which is great! He's doing an awesome job and I couldn't be a more proud wife. His eating habits are worse than Hayes and mine combined but seems to stay fairly healthy somehow?
Hopefully we close on our new house on Ascot Circle in the next few weeks. Looking forward to moving into OUR OWN home and raising our little family there. We are so blessed. Can't wait to set up a nursery for this baby girl and then have this baby girl to hold!

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