Friday, March 4, 2011


I know, I always apologize that I don't keep this thing updated. I REALLY have difficulties with logging in, and then I get frustrated and quit.
That being said, there are some changes in this house! For one, I'm pregnant with baby number 2! This one is a baby girl, who of course has no name yet. The pregnancy was tough at the beginning again, with weeks of puking every day. This time seemed worse as the nausea lasted all day and I ended up losing 9 lbs before I could put on any wait. Now I am almost 29 weeks! I am on day 18 of a sinus infection that won't go away...but I feel like this last 24 hours might be an improvement.
Also, we bought a house! We knew we would have to move eventually with Mom and Bob moving back. We decided this was the time to do it as the rates are very low, and home prices are low. We found our home and are just waiting on the closing date. Hopefully it is before May 18th...that's the day my c section is scheduled and we get to meet our baby girl!
C.J.'s work has stayed really busy, and this year we plan on growing the business, getting a new website and possibly hiring another employee to help C.J.
God's blessed us. Seriously. All thanks to Him!

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