Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Child/life update

I like to blog about memories, but also want to have memories of the present. So here is what's going on with us at this stage in our life.
I'm 30 weeks pregnant with an unnamed baby girl. So far, I'd say this pregnancy has been easier in some ways, harder in others. I haven't gained AS much weight(yet), and I didn't get the horrible acne as I did with Hayes. However, the first trimester was a lot harder. Was sick all day, and barfed sometimes 5 times a day..if I had any food I could choke down. Being nauseated with a toddler makes it more difficult too. Also had a 28 day sinus infection that was one of the worst/longest viruses I can remember? Couldn't breathe, and therefore couldn't sleep. Thank God it's gone away for the most part. I thank I owe it to the shots of apple cider vinegar I took! I now have pretty bad tooth pain, and I can see either a crack or decay/cavity on the tooth that hurts. Go in next week to hopefully get some relief. I'm pretty much complaining here, but I'm actually a lot more comfortable on my feet this pregnancy. Feel lighter and and am sleeping more comfortably.
Hayes will be 16 months tomorrow. He's been throwing his share of tantrums, but also turning a LITTLE more cuddly and sweet. Yesterday he went up to Uncle Adam and gave him a kiss and said 'hi'. He's never given a kiss before, moreless on his own! It was super sweet. He developed a rash this last week which the dermatologist at Childrens Mercy does not know what it is? Treating it symptomatically and it seems to be getting better. He also wants to eat sweets and cookies all day long, just like his pregnant momma...who happened to have chocolate chip cookies for breakfast today :/
C.J. is super busy with work, which is great! He's doing an awesome job and I couldn't be a more proud wife. His eating habits are worse than Hayes and mine combined but seems to stay fairly healthy somehow?
Hopefully we close on our new house on Ascot Circle in the next few weeks. Looking forward to moving into OUR OWN home and raising our little family there. We are so blessed. Can't wait to set up a nursery for this baby girl and then have this baby girl to hold!

Friday, March 4, 2011


I know, I always apologize that I don't keep this thing updated. I REALLY have difficulties with logging in, and then I get frustrated and quit.
That being said, there are some changes in this house! For one, I'm pregnant with baby number 2! This one is a baby girl, who of course has no name yet. The pregnancy was tough at the beginning again, with weeks of puking every day. This time seemed worse as the nausea lasted all day and I ended up losing 9 lbs before I could put on any wait. Now I am almost 29 weeks! I am on day 18 of a sinus infection that won't go away...but I feel like this last 24 hours might be an improvement.
Also, we bought a house! We knew we would have to move eventually with Mom and Bob moving back. We decided this was the time to do it as the rates are very low, and home prices are low. We found our home and are just waiting on the closing date. Hopefully it is before May 18th...that's the day my c section is scheduled and we get to meet our baby girl!
C.J.'s work has stayed really busy, and this year we plan on growing the business, getting a new website and possibly hiring another employee to help C.J.
God's blessed us. Seriously. All thanks to Him!

Hayes 15 months

Wow, I think this is the first picture I have on my blog!? Yikes I'm slow. This is Hayes at 15 months. Yes, he has some teeth on him! What did you expect? Both his parents have piano keys for teeth.
He is starting to look more and more like his daddy all the time, but still has those sparkly blue eyes. He still loves to suck his thumb, dance to music, watch his dvd's, ask for cookies, eat cookies, and sleep. He is still a pretty mellow guy for the most part. And a HUGE daddy's boy. I'm with him all day, but as soon as daddy goes off to work, he waits at the window and sometimes cries for awhile saying 'dada'. He also loves his uncle Adam and thinks he's the funniest thing around. Well Hayes, he's not. But you can think that for now. He skypes with grandma coi coi and asks for her when he sees the computer. He has around 15 words we can understand. With the latest being 'baby'. He's a very well behaved little boy, but is starting to give scowls and dirty looks on a regular basis for no reason?
He still loves books and is getting into balls and learning to throw them.
He started a swim class with mommy this week and had to be removed from class for a few minutes for an attitude meltdown. After that he did better and had fun splashing around. He still doesn't like to cuddle except for with daddy and uncle adam on occasion. Other than that, he's pretty independent! He's getting goofy and he is so much fun to love!


Now that I have a little one, I'm so blessed to have 2 wonderful grandmas in his life. My wonderful mother, and my wonderful mother-in-law. Hayes (and the baby girl coming in 2 months) won't know how lucky they are:)
It made me think back to my grandma and how much I loved her. My little ones and my husband will never get to meet her. But I wanted to write a little about her so that her great-grandchildren can read this later and get to know what she was like.
Her name was Betty (Winkler) Belsly and she was a lot a woman! It seemed, at least when we were little, that she towered over grandpa physically. And she was a good cook. Always making really good tasting foods that probably weren't very good for you. She always had her hair done neatly with these fluffy curls. I used to love to feel the hairspray/stiffness when she came right back from getting it done. She was loving and welcoming. And because she was a big woman, she seemed so much more fun to cuddle with! :)
Going to her house was so fun for me. First of all, her and grandpa lived on the farm. My cousins lived down the street and it was just fun to have all this family in close quarters. Their farmhouse always had a bowl of peanut m&ms(I don't like those) a bowl of skittles in the dining room, and a bowl of regualr m&ms in the living room. ALWAYS refilled, always available. She had a separate refrigerator out in the shed. This was always filled with cream soda, root beer, grape soda and other delicious drinks. Her pantry always had vanilla sandwich creme cookies, and there was always a block of valveeta cheese in the fridge to have cheese and crackers. And man, she made the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever. And fried potatoes for breakfast after you spent the night. As a kid, these little things are what you remember about going to grandma's. Pure spoiled gluttony that you never got at home!
And she had a 'playroom' and I SWEAR that she always seemed to clean it up after us? But it had fun toys and dress-up clothes.
Grandma was also the best gift giver. At Christmas and birthdays, you never got something from her that would need to be returned. She just knew! And she threw a birthday party for every grandchild, on Sundays. I remember being really anxious sitting through church knowing we'd get to go over for a party after sunday school. And it didn't matter that it wasn't MY birthday, because she always made us all feel special: All of us grandkids would get a gift bag just because. Always had a fun little toy, or some money and candy. She did that for years! So thoughtful. And she always made a fresh cake by hand. These little acts of love that I hope I can do when I'm a grandma!
Grandma died when I was in high school. I remember getting called out of class and going to the office with Adam and cousin Jaymie to tell us that she wasn't doing well. I'm glad we got to leave school for the day and go to the hospital and we literally got to see her take her last breaths. A couple years later, I worked at the pharmacy after school most days. I remember delivering prescriptions to an elderly woman in Spring Bay and I don't remember her name. But she lived alone and was asking my name. When I told her I was a Belsly, she started to get choked up. She told me that Grandma and her were in a Bible Study together and that Grandma was one of the most wonderful people she knew. She said she could call her at anytime and ask her questions about God and she would make her feel better. It made me proud! And it's true...I remember calling her on the phone as a child because I had the number memorized. She would always answer and talk, she never made you feel like you were wasting her time. I even called her crying once when I was trying to help deliver a little of kittens on my sidewalk that kept coming out dead! She was calming and sweet and stayed on the phone with me the whole time.