Monday, September 19, 2011

Bria 4 months

Bria, you were 4 months old yesterday! And I forgot to take a picture with one of my crappy homeade signs. But I am writing this, and I will post a picture too.
You have to be the sweetest baby, ever. You wake up smiling, you go to be smiling. You don't know a stranger, and your favorite place is in someones arms. You are starting to laugh at your big brother. AND he has made big strides with you! He now asks for you a few times a day "BEE-AH". And he is the first to let me know if you are making noise and up from your nap. He held you for about 4 seconds this weekend. That was the first time! After the 4 seconds, he started to say 'No, No...' It was sweet while it lasted though.
You are still sleeping 12 hours straight at night, with exception to last night when you woke up about 6 times. You have a little runny nose and you wake up every time you roll over onto your back. But we just roll you back on your tummy, and you take your little fist and put it in your mouth and start sucking. You are really starting to like tummy time too!
Last week, your daddy checked on you before he came up to bed. Then he came in our bedroom and said the sweetest things. He looked at me and said "I love her so much. Does she do anything wrong? I don't know, I just want to buy her everything she ever wants!" We love you, Bria!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spoke too soon..

Hayes, add to these last 7 days:
-You pulled the 5ft coat hanger down on top of you and were trapped under it.
-You did a face plant into concrete while pushing a toy truck. You cried for less than 30 seconds. Today, when I was tickling you and you were laughing really hard, I saw your teeth. Your front, top, 'most popular tooth' is split almost in half and looks like it's about to fall out. It's Sunday, and tomorrow's a holiday. So we have a message into the dentist....

Thursday, September 1, 2011

All in one day for Hayes

Funny how I had posted that story about Hayes and the knife earlier, when yesterday he went a step further with multiple knives. And what this video left out (because it was still to happen a few hours later), is that Hayes drank gasoline tonight!!!! Yum. My kind, considerate husband came home from work and relieved me of Hayes duties by taking him outside to play while CJ started to mow the lawn. He turned around to find Hayes with the gasoline can tilted up to his lips. A gasoline can that CJ says he doesn't even know how Hayes could lift it because it was heavy. Well, he did. We called poison control after I did a breath test on Hayes. He wreaked of gas, but we weren't sure if it just spilled or it was in his mouth. His mouth smelled like gas, so yeah. Turns out you can drink gasoline and be ok! I have a feeling that he would have been ok regardless ;)