Monday, July 18, 2011

You know you're a housewife when...

1. You spend half the day trying to think of ways to bring in more money and the other half of the day spending money
2. You are consciously trying NOT to post an update on Facebook about your children, in fear of looking like 'that housewife'
3. You get excited when you get to the store with only ONE child along
4. Your husband walks in the door, and you panic for no reason and try to act busy like he's your boss?
5. The days of the week you actually put on makeup and real clothes depend on if it's grocery day, therefore getting out of the house
6. You've gone through the trouble to sit down and write out 'you know you're a housewife when'.
7. You have some sort of little 'hobby' you do when you're alone that is secretly probably something more like an addiction. examples: drinking, smoking, computer games, facebook picture stalking, or shopping with a credit card the rest of the family doesn't know you have.
8. You carry a wooden spoon with you at all times around the house, so you can be ready to spank a child at any time.
9. You are most stressed out during the kids naptimes(which should be the least stressful), because you are second guessing if you should be spending this precious time differently.

I'm sure this list will grow by leaps and bounds over the next months and years:)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Heat and hard work

This is a shout out to my husband who works so hard for us! I can write this without making him blush, because I'm not really sure he knows this blog is here?
Yesterday it got to 101 degrees here in Kansas City. CJ was working outside in the sun replacing siding on a house. I prayed for him all day because it makes me nervous. But it also makes me respect him. Most men today sit in a cool office all day and make twice as much money to do it. Maybe they're happy, maybe they're not? CJ truly loves what he does. On days like today, I doubt it's much fun, but he does it because he loves his family. I grew up with a father who also worked outside most of the time. Just because it got to 100 degrees, didn't mean the hay didn't need to be bailed. And just because the windchill was below 0 degrees, didn't mean the cows didn't need to be fed and the chores done outside. There is something about a man who just does it because it needs to be done and doesn't complain about it. And both my father, and my husband didn't complain.
CJ, I love you and am grateful for the hard work you put in for our little family. I'm a lucky gal, and you are more appreciated than you'll ever know.
I guess I should also point out that I'm PREtty sure CJ got heat stroke today...oops! He called first saying that he thought he pulled a rib muscle? Then when he got home, a bad headache started, shortness of breath and some chest pains. Pretty soon, CJ was googling 'getting poisoned' and 'heart attack'...oh boy. Needless to say, he is feeling better. So glad he wasn't 'poisoned'.

Friday, July 1, 2011

hayes and gold bond


When I was an infant, supposedly my 2 1/2 year old brother came walking into the kitchen with his hands around my neck, I was turning blue, and he told my mom 'here mom, she was crying.' I guess my mom about fainted.
My uncle Rick also told me that he saw about the best body slam ever done by my brother, to me, as I was a baby laying on the floor. It wasn't a fluke either, it was my brother jumping from the couch, onto the floor yelling 'body Slaaaammm!'
These stories are funny to me. Little did I know, that my son would top these stories times ten. Hayes, these are for your enjoyment when you are older, to reflect and laugh about what you did to your tiny baby sister. Right now, they are just mean and make me stressed out. But if I don't write them down, we will forget they ever happened!

1. You headbutted her sooo hard that dad could hear her little skull vibrate. You also did it another time right to her nose right after you faked us out and acted like you were going to kiss her.
2. Dad was holding Bria, and you walked by with your thumb in your mouth. Without even stopping or looking over, you just SLAPPED the baby on the face and kept walking. As if to make the statement 'there's that baby that I hate'.
3. I thought she was safe in her crib, but you reached through and tried to pull her through the crib bars by her tiny little legs.
4. You tried to smother her by sitting on her while she was in her car seat.
5. You climbed onto the changing table, grabbed her by the head like you were going to kiss her again, but you bit her nose.
6. You tried to gouge out her eye with a pretzel stick.
7. Yesterday, you shoved a cracker in her tiny 6-week-old mouth while she was in the swing.
8. And numerous pinches, and scratches to various parts of the body.

She is only 6 weeks old, and is already like a cat with 9 lives. Pretty soon, I believe she will be able to fight back and will be meaner than you are! But remember, there will be a time shortly where you will want to protect her from everything. She will be your best friend and someday all your friends might hit on her and it will drive you crazy. Take good care of her and always have her back. Because remember, you OWE her big time;)