Friday, March 4, 2011

Hayes 15 months

Wow, I think this is the first picture I have on my blog!? Yikes I'm slow. This is Hayes at 15 months. Yes, he has some teeth on him! What did you expect? Both his parents have piano keys for teeth.
He is starting to look more and more like his daddy all the time, but still has those sparkly blue eyes. He still loves to suck his thumb, dance to music, watch his dvd's, ask for cookies, eat cookies, and sleep. He is still a pretty mellow guy for the most part. And a HUGE daddy's boy. I'm with him all day, but as soon as daddy goes off to work, he waits at the window and sometimes cries for awhile saying 'dada'. He also loves his uncle Adam and thinks he's the funniest thing around. Well Hayes, he's not. But you can think that for now. He skypes with grandma coi coi and asks for her when he sees the computer. He has around 15 words we can understand. With the latest being 'baby'. He's a very well behaved little boy, but is starting to give scowls and dirty looks on a regular basis for no reason?
He still loves books and is getting into balls and learning to throw them.
He started a swim class with mommy this week and had to be removed from class for a few minutes for an attitude meltdown. After that he did better and had fun splashing around. He still doesn't like to cuddle except for with daddy and uncle adam on occasion. Other than that, he's pretty independent! He's getting goofy and he is so much fun to love!

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