Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bria Elaine Youngkin

She joined our family on May 18th, 2011. Never thought I would love a little girl sooo much. She's an angel. Now I KIND OF understand why my mom named her daughter Summer Angel...because these little girls just seem so perfect.
Labor was so different compared to Hayes' because I really didn't 'labor' at all! The c-section went smoothly and the surgery itself and even recovery really seemed like a breeze! I did try and over-do it at first and ended up fainting in the shower at the hospital. Nothing like waking by smelling salts in your nostrils and looking up to see your husband and 3 nurses staring back at you as you sit naked in the shower.
Hayes tried to murder Bria about 20 times in her first couple weeks. Bria, I feel so sad for you! You will be tough, though, and probably learn to hit him hard before we know it. So far, Hayes has headbutted you in the nose, pinched you, bit your head, scratched your arms and head, tried to gouge your eye with his pretzel rod. You aren't safe anywhere but in our arms. I thought you would be safe in the crib, but he even put his arm through and tried to pull you through the crib bars by your little legs. These last few days he's been sweeter to you and getting interested in seeing the 'babbie' as he calls you.
Life is for sure a lot busier with two kids and the ages that they are. Last night was CJ and I's first time out without kids. He informed me that he'd like to have a total of 4 kids! It will be interesting to see where that leads in the future years:)

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