Thursday, December 20, 2012


As of now, I still hate crafts. I say still, because as a kid, whenever we had to do one in school, mine never turned out. It honestly caused a source of anxiety for me because I was a girl and girls are supposed to be good at that creative stuff. Sure mom, I KNOW I have other talents:) But I'm just stating the obvious that my art projects looked like crap, my handwriting is about as good as a 4-year old boys, and I have no color/fashion/idea/creativity or whatever 'that' is. Now that I'm a housewife, it seems the craft world is hitting me all over again. Ladies want to get together and craft. I'd rather just about do anything else. Even miniature golf, which I also hate. But as a mom, I realize kids like crafts. My son likes crafts. So it's ok to do them with him, because we are actually on the same talent level of crafts. His crafting, eases my craft anxiety. His colored turkey with pipe cleaners on it, makes mine look like..well, like I'm not 3 years old! But this Christmas my kids are 3 and 18 months. We'll set the presents out under the tree Christmas Eve so they can wake up to them. But I'm not going to put little gift tags on them because they can't read. And also because I'm terrible at wrapping. And I'm a lazy wrapper. BUTTT I wanted a way for them to know which presents are theirs. So I had the idea to make some reusable gift tags/ribbons that have elastic to fit around any gift. And they will be on their presents every year! They aren't pretty, but they are functional and pretty for my work!

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