Friday, December 16, 2011


If you know me, you know that you should NEVER take fashion advice from me. Or my husband. My husbands style can't be summed up. He'll wear snakeskin loafers with knee high socks, mesh shorts, a Hurley skate or surf shirt(whichever one of those Hurley is? Regardless, CJ is neither) and a had with some sort of tool company or farm equipment on it. Picture this outfit if you can, because it's real, and it exists. And he wears these things shamelessly.
Regardless of how he dresses, I am very thankful he doesn't wear scarves. I hate to admit that I instantly judge men who wear scarves. That's wrong, I know, and I should work on it. But if they are doing it to accessorize or jazz up their look, why not just wear a broach, or some nice costume jewelry. And if they are really doing it to keep their neck warm, they might as well wear a giant, bushy sweater turtleneck because those look just as terrible.
So to my CJ, you may not be real 'hip', but I dig your style. Most of the time.

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