Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm going to pack better lunches

Hayes started a 'preschool' this week. It's for 2 year olds, so they can't be learning much. But our pediatrician said it might help Hayes get along with others. In other words, it might teach him not to cold cock punch a kid in the face for no reason, or push over a boy who's just minding his own business, or pull a girls hair who's just sitting quietly etc. These have been common activities Hayes has pulled while at play dates, play grounds etc. He's independent, strong willed, defiant and we are trying to learn how to channel it. This pre school might help him learn to obey authority better, and develop social skills that don't result in immediate punishment or removal from the party.
His first day went a little rough. Several altercations, I guess. Lost of shoving, violence etc. for no reason. My concern was that he would get kicked out in his first week. The teachers were very nice, but you have to do what's best for ALL the kids. And if all the kids are getting bullied for no reason, someone might have to go.
Today was day 2. I prayed for a better report and I got it! There were still issues of unprovoked violence on Hayes' part, but overall, not as many. When I hear my child ONLY attacked another child a couple times, this is a GOOD THING!
However, I think I may need to pack Hayes a better lunch. When I was a kid, my mom packed the worst lunches. Well, at least from a kids standpoint. They were super healthy and dry and bland. Everything was from the health food store, or Aldi's. Which isn't fun or cool. NO ONE ever wanted to trade their oreo's or doritos for my rotten banana or whole wheat pretzels that were probably stale. Now that I'm a mom though, I caught myself doing the same healthy lunch for my two year old. WELL turns out, the other children had the 'good' lunches. With some cookies.
So today while the teachers had their backs turned, and before they could stop him, Hayes made a run for it. Did a lap around the table of little kids and stole their cookies right out from under them. Had someone's chocolate milk (I, of course packed him water) in his mouth before anyone could get to him. Kids were crying, but it was too late. Oooh Hayes, I think it's safe to say he's not making any friends in there yet:) But man, is that pretty freakin' funny!!

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  1. Summer, as a preschool teacher, I could really relate to your stories about your little Hayes. We have seen it all! He will start to get the idea about his actions affecting others. He will learn alot in this preschool about socialization!