Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Honest Abe

Do you remember the story of Abe Lincoln when he walked like miles in the snow (I don't know history well) to return like a few cents that the store owner had given him extra by accident? Well, he did. And that's where he got the name honest Abe. That's one of the few academic things I remember from my school days.
Today, I went to the bank. I was taking out a bit of cash. She handed me my cash in an envelope, sent a sucker through for Hayes, and we went on home. When I got home, I noticed she gave me more cash than I asked for, but didn't debit that extra from my account. So, I called the bank and told them of their mistake. Now, before you go thinking how honest I am and what a good person I am, know that I did this partly because it's the 'right thing to do'. But if I'm being 100% honest, partly because I thought maybe something good would happen or I expected the bank to pat me on the back, spread the word on what a wonderful customer I am, and THEN just let me keep the $100 anyways for being honest!
Haha, I actually love better how they handled it. They asked me drive all the way back to the bank and return the money. Meaning, pack up your two car-seat riding children, into the rain, and drive back to the bank. And then give them the money back.
One of those moments where I checked myself. I had to realize that if we decide to do the right thing for the wrong reasons, we may as well have done the wrong thing. ;)

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