Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cabin Life

Wow, I'm so good at keeping up with this blog. We are currently living out in a cabin a little over an hour away from home, in rural Kansas. The town is smaller than my hometown Metamora. The people are quite a bit more simple. There is only a Casey's, no fast food, no stop light, no anything. There is a 'market' to get groceries and a bar that also serves pretty good food. They do allow babies and children into that bar as well. The people here are very nice. I'm talking quite a bit about the town, but we are farther out in the woods.
The cabin we are staying in is deep in the woods. We are out here because CJ is building a barn. The property belongs to our best friends and they don't live here currently so we are staying in the cabin while CJ builds the barn. When I say 'cabin', you may be getting a picture of me dressed in a bonnet, sweeping a dirt floor and making muffins in a cast iron pan while holding twin red-headed babies on each hip. But this cabin is amazing, big and beautiful. It's nicer, much nicer than my home. The stove is better than a 5 star restaurant and it makes me want to cook 6 meals a day. I don't, however of course. In fact, I think I've cooked twice, but both times...that stove was PRETTY AMAZING. The cabin is surrounded by windows on all sides and a deck that goes almost all the way around. There is a small lake that the cabin overlooks. It's beautiful and quiet out here, and very private.
We find ourselves saying "ahh, this is so peacful. I could do this forever.' Then about a half hour later we change our minds and say 'man, it gets kinda creepy out here. Lots of bugs, scary noises and lonely'. Then back again to how much we love it.
Hayes is adjusting well, as he always does. He has taken his first steps in the last week!! His personality is still pretty mellow, but still loves people. He's starting to finally laugh more. He is definitely a daddy's boy. Not a snuggler, very independent, great sleeper, very well behaved, eats a ton, likes books. He went from having no teeth, to 5 teeth in just about a week and barely fussed. I think he's a pretty tough kid. We love him so much.
CJ is doing an amazing job on this barn and I'm so proud of him. It's amazing to see the work his hands can do. He's such a hard worker, but doesn't ever complain. He has a great attitude about life and everything he does. He loves his work and it shows. It's been really fun to be just a few feet away and be able to watch him work and just look out the window and see him doing what he does best. And then getting to have him come inside for a kiss. I will be sad when this project is over and it will back to the everyday, actually.
As for me, I brought about 6 books out here to read thinking I would be bored. I really haven't been bored at all yet. I find myself sweeping a lot. And doing too much internetting when I get a chance, but mostly hanging outside while the weather is still nice.
That's it for now. See you in probably 3 months...

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