Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I hate when people brag about their kids/babies accomplishments. So that's why I'm going to brag about my baby's accomplishments. First off I'll start with some facts: Hayes is 7 and a half months. He is still in size 0-3 pants for the most part. Yeah, he's pretty small. That fact is not really a brag, but more a shock. Coming from his father and I, one would think he would be on the heftier side of things. At this rate, I might not need to buy anything but baby clothes for a couple years.
Hayes started crawling at 5 and a half months. Yeah, he was kind of a stud. He was pulling himself up on furniture at 7 months. Yeah, he's strong. He gave his dad a bloody lip the other day. Yeah, he can kick a 28 year old's butt. Last week, he took two steps (with one hand still on the couch, minor detail). Yeah, he's amazing. AND last but not least, today he told me he loved me! With his eyes:) and his laugh, and his sweet smile.

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