Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Since we've been living out at the cabin, we have been shooting a lot of guns. I guess it goes hand in hand with cabin life to shoot at targets and animals. Don't worry, Hayes has yet to shoot his first gun.
It all started when Adam and CJ left to go get materials. They were gone for a very long time, I remember thinking. None of my business I guess? Fast forward a couple weeks... I'm out at the cabin shooting some clay pigeons, (Correction: shooting AT some clay pigeons, I never did get one this time.) when my brother says 'hey, you want to try the hand gun?' I said sure. Then I asked who's hand gun it was. He said it belonged to Jared. Well, I shoot the handgun and it turns out, I'm a purtttty good shot. Nailed the target in 3 out of my first 6 shots.
Now come to find out, Jared doesn't have a hand gun there. So somebody was lying to me. When I began to question, my husband tells me that the 'material' run him and Adam went on a couple weeks prior, was indeed a material run, but also turned into a gun shopping spree. Adam bought that handgun I shot, and lied to me. He will tell you he lied to me because 'he's scared of me.' And I don't know why he's scared of me. I'm not the one that owns the hand gun. Here in good ol' Missouri, they run a background check right there when you try and purchase of course. And if your 'good enough' you can get your gun in a couple a days. But if things look a little shady in your past (my husbands past barfights, nights in jail etc) they put a 7 day hold on your purchase. So that explains why my husbands hand gun was not yet there. However, CJ was informing me that today was the lucky day we could go pick up his gun as a family!!
As he got on the phone with firearms store to confirm his pickup, they informed him that he would not be able to pick up his gun today, or any day:( Turns out, the gun store received back a notification from the FBI NOT to sell guns to my poor little husband. They couldn't give CJ a good reason other than 'you've been denied in the system.' Now, let me tell you that CJ and I have seen his background check just last summer. It's nothing special, no surprises. But apparently, the U.S. government does NOT want him ever owning a gun!
The irony in this, is that just a couple days later, CJ was involved in a heated road rage incident in which the other driver kept reaching into his glove box as if to pull out a gun on CJ....oh boy.

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