Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby update

Today I went to my 32 week appointment and was told our little boy is measuring for a 34 week old. So this means a big baby, or an earlier due date...not exactly sure right now. I will tell you, that it made me very excited. That means technically I could be holding this little guy in my arms instead of my belly...in about a month!
My father's 60th birthday would have been on Nov. 7th of this year. The thought crossed my mind that there is a slight possibility that this baby could be born exactly 60 years from his grandpa! I do admit, it makes me emotional to think about what a wonderful grandpa he would have been. As gentle as he was with children, and how much he enjoyed them. And one of his favorite things to do was listen to a newborn baby breathe. That sound was heaven to him. I just think of how wonderful it would have been to introduce him to his own grandson. And how he could teach him about farming. And about hard work. And Jesus. He would have made the most wonderful and involved grandpa!
It kind of set in today that this IT. These are the last few weeks I will have to 'myself'. The last few weeks I will have with JUST my husband and I. That is a little saddening. I love just being with him. I love having him around when we're doing nothing but being friends. And he has all my attention. And how do we spend these precious last few days? Good question! I'd like to make the most of them!

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