Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I LOVE ANIMALS...They're delicious

As a child, I wanted to be a vet or at least take care of animals for the rest of my life. I literally had hundreds of cats (spread out over several years), puppies, chickens, cows, a few rabbits, a guinea pig for a few days, and probably more that I'm trying to forget. I would sneak kittens into the house and dress them in my doll clothes trying to turn them into babies, and would hand feed with an eye dropper any kitten who had lost his mother to a highway death. I loved these cats so much, they even gave me worms. We won't get into that. Watching cows be born, fetching eggs from the chickens, and crying so many tears over the deaths of every puppy and kitten that we eventually lost.
I'm not sure what happened over the years, but now, I really can't stand animals. I can't stand pet hair, I can't stand to be jumped on by peoples dogs, I can't stand being licked, I hate being barked at by a strange dog for no reason when I'm taking a walk, I can't stand how they poop wherever they want, and expect you to show them attention. I can't stand how people are so quick to help a 'homeless' animal, but wouldn't bother to help an orphan or homeless person in another country. I'm a people person, not an animal person.
That being said, I married an animal person. When we were first married, C.J. begged and begged for a dog. When I made the comment, "I would get a cat before I got a dog", he quickly began begging for a cat. This went on for about 8 months straight, and then I surprised him with Tansy. A little black cat. I have to admit, if he is even half the father as he is a cat owner, he's going to be wonderful! He's very patient and loving towards this cat. It sickens me, yet I think it's adorable too.
Since my brother moved in a few weeks ago, I've felt like I'm in college. Work has been slow for C.J. and even more slow for Adam who is still trying to get hired somewhere. So needless to say, both boys spend their days together looking for work and playing with the cat. They both love Tansy and I'm completely outnumbered. When I come home from work, I hear stories about the cat.
Yesterday, when I came home from work I walked into quite a scene. My house was immaculate. SO CLEAN! Dinner was ready. That has happened only 2 other times since I have been married...not that I'm counting:) I was so excited and surprised. I was going on and on with gratitude for these boys. Until I noticed something. There was a new stranger in the house. A little siamese kitten. Cute as can be, I admit. But a complete shock to me. I was introduced to 'our' newest family member. Where are the the hidden cameras???

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