Saturday, May 9, 2009


Today after our garage sales, C.J. wanted to stop at a local bike shop downtown Lee's Summit.  About a year ago, we went on our first bikeride.  I have never been more miserable with company on a bike ride as I was with my husband that day.  He complains a lot about his 'tiny buns'.  Him and I were built very very different on the back side. I have pretty big buns, that supply plenty of comfort in seating and cushion on bike seats.  C.J. however has these little tiny buns, that although I think would sometimes be nice to have, they are not.  He complains about the feeling he gets sitting at a football game or bench feeling like the hard surface is rubbing right against his bones.  On this bikeride a year ago, I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that every 2-3 minutes of the 15 minute ride (cut short for his discomfort), he complained about how bad his buns hurt.  It was agonizing. Does it truly hurt that much?? He tried to ride the entire time in the standing position to ease his pain.  I felt like I was riding bikes with a 4 year old who had just got stung by a bee, and let me know how bad it hurt every 2 minutes.
  So that was the first and last bike ride we've shared together. Since then, I have started and envelope marked "beach cruiser".  I put cash in it every so often, so he can get a beach cruiser bike with a wide seat for his tiny buns.  Long story short, we saved the money, and now he can get his bike.
  Right by the bike shop was an organic baby boutique that I wanted to stop in. He hesitated, but came in with me.  The owner of the store was about our age and him and C.J. immediately bonded. Within minutes, C.J. was interested in everything the store had to offer.  The irony of C.J. is this. He is truly INTRIGUED by everything organic as his grandmother owned an all natural health food store and still does.  So he loves to talk about it, read about it etc.   Here's the irony: Just today, he made me stop at Mcdonalds so he could get some fast food breakfast, and 3 hours later, he pulled our car into the chinese buffet so he could get some lunch.  Since I've known him, I have seen him make ONE 'organic' shake that came from a jar of organic powder that his grandmother sent him.  A jar of powder that I KNOW is expired and never going to be use, but yet when we moved he refused to let me throw it out because of course he's going to use it!
   The man who was hesitant to walk into this organic baby boutique, is now thouroughly convinced that we are going to use cloth diapers (he's never change any kind of diaper in his entire life), and he also walked out with a purchase of organic cloth diaper DETERGENT to use on his own clothes. To which he informed me that he might start doing his own laundry now, to avoid putting all the 'crap' detergent on his clothing.
  I love my health nut!

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