Saturday, May 9, 2009

Garage sales

This morning  I set out for some garage sales. I assumed it would just be me, but my hubby was excited to come along.  One of those mixed emotions where you are happy to have the company but also that same feeling I'm sure parents get when the children want to come along. I noticed myself thinking "well, it would be nice to have his company, but at the same time, I know he's going to want to stop at the random sales and buy random knick knacks that he will think are funny, (like the stuffed rooster that he bought that still ends up everywhere in our house) then they will just take up space, and he'll end up spending all my garage sale cash on stonewash jorts that he thinks he will wear as a joke, but never does."  
  Well of course I wanted him along.  Here's some of the items I was keeping my eye open for: a grill for the backyard, a baby stroller or car seat, a set of ladies golf clubs, maybe a weedeater.   Here's what we came home with: 
1.  A mesh old mans hat that reads "Houses are built by studs".  That's a play on words if you didn't catch it.  C.J. wore it to every garage sale after the purchase was made. Embarrassing.
2. some maternity pants that probably won't fit, but hey I'm only out $6
3. The board game called "Milarkey"
4. A Super Nintendo, with 10 Super nintendo games included.
What a success!
   As we traveled through the neighborhood sales, we couldn't help but notice the awkwardness associated with garage sales sometimes.  There will be about 4 houses in a row with sales, and you don't want to park and commit to a walk through, until you do the slow drive-by eyeing the items for sale.  This is uncomfortable for everyone. The owner is sizing you  up in your car, wondering if you have $ to spend at their sale or if you are going to try and bargain with them and rip them off.  We are sizing them up and judging them by the giant picture of a circus clown t that sits leaned against their garage for $3, and by the suitcase with barf stains all over it.  We are driving about -10 mph, as we decided to make it look like we will park and get out when we actually have every intention of just driving right past and getting out of their lives. Until you realize you are at the end of a culdesac, and now you have to do the awkward turn around and drive right past again, but this time give them a friendly wave and move on.
  Then there are the sales where you SWEAR you see some goldmine items worth getting out for. Only to be trotting up the drive and immediately regret your decision. Then you end up staying an extra few minutes pretending to be interested in the collection of vhs tapes they have on display as you start up a fake conversation with the owner about how much you loved the movie "flight of the navagators" as a kid. Then you mosey around some more, talk about the weather, and awkwardly walk away without purchasing a thing.

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