Tuesday, June 9, 2009


We've been pondering baby names lately. We really haven't come close to choosing or agreeing on one. I tend to lean towards the names where I don't know many or any people with that name. I've always been like that. When I was young...as in grade school, I remember making lists of names I liked. I was priveledged to find that list recently and wanted to share a few. It's very embarrassing actually to admit that I once liked some of these names as a child. In fact, as I go through, I recognize that I had cats named some of these names. I literally had hundreds of cats over the course of living on the farm, and names would run out. I loved to name them names that I wanted to name actual babies if my mother and father had decided to grace me another sibling:) If they had, we can all be thankful that they wouldn't let me name the sibling!

Here's a sample from my list constructed in about 2nd-4th grade? I can tell by my handwriting:)

Boys names:
Dwayne - This was around the time my dad started working with the Bradley basketball team. For the first time, I heard 'black' names and I liked them.
Siye - complete with a pronunciation guide: Sigh
Atatcus - this one had a cat named after it.
JESUS - yes, I thought it would be ok to name a baby and/or cat, Jesus.

Girls names:
Jace - this was the nickname for my best friend, Jodi:)
L'chelle - another interacial name:)
Rice - what was I thinking?
KT - spelled exactly that way

After reading the complete list to my husband, needless to say, we still have not arrived on an agreement:) This list will go into safe keeping for sure though:)


  1. Summer and Eve just don't go well together...keep it off the list.

  2. You should definitely name your child Jace! haha. good name