Wednesday, April 22, 2009


My lifelong friend Steph has encouraged me to start a blog. I began thinking about the stages of life I have already been through, and the ones that are excitedly approaching (motherhood!) and I realize that as I've gone through these stages I stop to ask my mother questions like "hey when you were newly married....when you moved to L.A....when you were pregnant" etc. And most of the time she remembers and can answer my questions. But sometimes she can't. I want my children to have everything written down for them before I forget. Well, not EVERYTHING!

I can't tell you the number of times...almost daily...where I stop to think about questions I would ask my dear daddy if he was still here. I never got a chance to know him as an adult. I was only 16 when he died and although I am so greatful for being with him that long, I do yearn for more. So this is also for my children to reference to in case I am no longer around someday. OH what I would give to have a website I could log onto of my dad's written out words and thoughts on life!

I will also try and 'expose' my husbands life too! He has no choice:) I seriously still look at my husband everyday and just feel a peace and excitment all at the same time, about the man I ended up with. I could go on and on, and I'm sure I will later...but all that to say that he in himself is a book to be written. He would never EVER do anything like a blog. He won't even touch myspace or Facebook or anything. And he is the first to tell you that his memory is that of a 70 yr old man. I want to remember for him.

So I have no idea who is going to read this except my future children. Maybe some strangers. For sure some friends. And at some point, I will give my mom the link...but not quite yet:) I hope that I make this a priority and that this isn't the last post I make over 1 sentance long:) Thank you, Steph for your little push in this direction. I'm already excited!


  1. Yeah!! I am so glad you did it! What a clever title! I will look forward to reading!

  2. I like it already! ...If only I could muster up enough energy and thoughts for one of my own. Love you Summy- and so excited for what you have ahead of you. You are going to be an AMAZING mother!