Thursday, April 30, 2009

Welcome back food!

  The first part of my pregnancy hasn't exactly been fun, but I know I've had it better than some. There are some details I would never post on  a blog, but for the most part I've been kind of physically miserable.  Nausea every NIGHT (wierd, that it is at night).  Throwing up every night for a few weeks, and a few times during the day while at work or in a hospital (for work).  When I get home from work, I can't think of a single thing that sounds good to eat. I know you are supposed to eat to keep you from feeling sicker, but I go through every food I like in my head, and they all make me want to dry heave.  I try and suck down some fruit or cheese, only to barf it up. I've lost about 6 lbs since I found out I was pregnant from this, but I know it's on it's way to brighter days! Surprisingly, my energy has been ok, though! And I am thankful regardless. This means the baby is doing what its supposed to do, and I know people have it MUCH much worse than I.  Here are few other symptoms I will remember about early pregnancy. It will be interesting to see if they return for other pregnancys.

ACNE- I'm not's pretty teenage! It all came in a matter of about 4 days, getting worse every day. The first time I knew it was more than my imagination was when I woke up and saw my husband staring at my face in bed with a wierd look.  All he said was "hundreds".  I was confused. That followed by the words, "Summer, there are hundreds of zits on your face." He was seriously scared I think.  I looked in the mirror and just couldn't believe it. I stared for awhile out of depression, but also out of pure amazement. As disgusting as it was, I had to admire God's handywork. I'd never seen it like this!  I ordered Proactive solution, only to be told by my dr. that I can't take it.  Didn't work anyways.  Nothing works.  It's good for me. Very humbling.  One morning a couple weeks ago, I woke up almost in tears looking at how bad it was.   Sweet C.J. reassured me with a hug and told me I looked beautiful and that it even looked like it was clearing up a bit!  That morning when I got to work, no joke, a lady I work with said "Sweetie do you have a rash?"  I quickly explained that my hormones are just going nuts and it's making me break out.  It's almost like she didn't believe me when she said "honey, are you sure? Are you using something different on your face that you could be allergic to, because it's all over."  She meant well. All I could do was laugh. 

Body hair:  Not too much to say here except that I need to shave about 6 hours after I already shaved.  It grows fast.  Miracle grow fast.  I can't keep up with it!

Boobs: They are nice. Really nice and getting bigger. I like them and so does my husband.  This is a good symptom. Keep it up milkers! 

Sunday night of this week, I puked so much that I thought my lungs were coming out. And I still felt horrible.  But after that, it seemed like the evenings have been getting amazingly better! I have been eating at night, and the last 3 nights, I have stepped back up to the stove and cooked!!!  That leads to my next post, which is random.....

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