Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Sometimes I can get in a bad mood over the dumbest stuff because, well, I'm a chick and that's what I do. I try not to externalize it because in my head, I know it's dumb. So if I make it known aloud, it will just sound even more dumb, which actually helps me with my attitude. Make sense? Absolutely not, I know. ANYWAYS. The other day, I was feeling like my whole day was ruined because C.J. got up with the baby and let me go back to sleep. Right there, is a wonderful. This is something he does often, and he is wonderful. After he fed the baby and played with him awhile, he woke me up and said 'here you go, I think I'm going to go back to sleep. He want's his mama'. And of course I acted super excited to get to take over. But in my heart, I was bitter. Very bitter. So mad. Because I'm not a moring person. Now, let me tell you, that it was almost 9 am at this point. Which is much later than most college kids get to sleep till. Anyways, I like to start my day with coffee and some Bible. I opened the book of Acts and it was talking about one of Paul's journeys. Paul is probably my favorite Bible character. I like how he thinks. In this particular chapter, which I've read before, he was in a boat traveling to some land with some dudes he didn't really know and who didn't really know him and who didn't really know God. And it had been storming for a really long time. 14 days in fact. And they all thought they were going to die. They hadn't ate, or slept and they were sick and miserable. Paul is always positive. And he's always content. And he's always talking about how content he is in every situation whethere he has a little or a lot. Anyways, the point is, this chapter is basically describing how crappy this storm and this boat is and horrible they feel physically. And then I read the words I needed to hear that I need to read every time I feel like complaining about my situation. "About midnight on the 14th night of the storm.." WOW! My husband woke me up at 9 am so I could stick my baby in the bouncy chair so I could drink some coffee and read that?! And Paul has probably been barfing and having diarrhea (if there is any food to barf up) for 10 days in the rain with complete strangers and he has an amazing attitude at all times. Something to strive towards!

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  1. Summer, I love how you paraphrase the Bible and put in your perspective! You are a sweet young mother, and I am praying that God will continue to bless your family. When I read your blog I think alot of your Dad comes out through your words! I loved your dad. He was such a great friend to me. I do not know if I ever said that to you. I feel so blessed to be able to be a small part of your family!