Thursday, April 25, 2013

Take your child to work day

Today is that national 'take your child to work day' or whatever. The one where the schools are actually OFF so they can go to work with a parent. I remember it being around to some extent when I was younger, because I took advantage of it once. Today made me think of it for the first time in awhile! I think I was in either 7th grade or Freshman year in high school. You could get out of going to school for this. The ENTIRE day. So I briefly ran it by my dad (who was pretty much self employed) knowing I wouldn't really be going to work with him. I knew it would just be a fluff day where I could get away with sleeping in and doing nothing. He said sure, so we were good! The night before, he asked me if I wanted to 'go to work' with him, or with my mom. And I chose him. Well, my plan didn't work out as well as I hoped. Instead of sleeping in, he woke me up VERY early, around 6 or so if I remember correctly. That's SUPER old for being a teenager. Still early for me now. But he was such a disciplined guy, that he started his day early even though he didn't need to. He didn't have a boss. But he would start his day by reading the Bible and exercising. So here he was, hanging over my bed, super early in the morning, asking if I wanted to go for a walk or go through his 'morning floor exercise routine'. My choice. I don't even think it was light out yet, and I already regretted my decision of telling school I was going to work with my dad. I remember there being a short argument like 'are you serious dad?' and him telling me that I could go to work with mom who had like ten Bible studies planned with 30 ladies or something and that if I thought this was going to be a free day, I was WAAAy wrong. He totally got me:) I opted for the walk. I don't think we talked. I really don't think we did. Sadly, I think I was pretty pissed off most of the day. My memories of the day aren't 100% clear but I know we went to the farm for awhile and did some 'boring Bradley stuff'. But it's funny how now, as an adult looking back at what I thought was such a waste of a day was. I had no idea that within a couple years, I would NEVER get to see my dad again in this life. Never get to take an early morning walk or do some boring college work with him. What I wouldn't give! But how grateful I am that he didn't just let that lazy teenager sleep in and take advantage of that free national holiday, because now I have that funny little memory:)

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